Friday, 23 September 2016


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I can describe the characteristics of music in songs from the past and present and from different genres.

Over the past 9 weeks I have been learning to describe the characteristics of music from songs of various times and genres.

I can name and define these characteristics of music… (list them below and explain what they are)

1.Harmony the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce a pleasing effect.
2.Rhythm a strong, regular repeated pattern of movement or sound.
3.Melody a sequence of single notes that is musically satisfying; a tune.
4.Timbre the character or quality of a musical sound or voice as distinct from its pitch and intensity.
5.Form having the form of

What did you find most interesting during this topic.
I found listen to the music interesting because it was ok music

Which characteristic do you find yourself picking up on when listening to your own music now?
When I listen to my own music I often hear zero (explain how you can hear it)

Here is an example of my learning (add link from a piece of work you have completed during this term.)

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